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Kayla Enright Photographer
Kayla Enright Photographer


A good bourbon, bold cab & a strong IPA.

Hi, my name is Kayla, I'm here to learn and grow with each opportunity while building your brand and mine. I work with restaurants & hotels all over the country to generate dynamic and unique imagery for their clients and am always looking for the next creative challenge.

A few years ago, I made a switch from families to food...

I specialize in hospitality concepts of all kinds, having worked in the food service industry for over a decade allows me to understand and work cohesively with the chefs & staff to better capture the 'life' of your establishment. I'm able to work with a fast deadline and love every aspect of hospitality, so you know my passion will be embedded into each and every one of our projects together.


Seton Hall University, Weddings Illustrated: Florida Edition,

Lifestyle Frisco, PaperCity Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Eater, D Magazine, People Newspapers, South Magazine, ModLux Dallas

Kayla Enright Credentials
Kayla Enright Credentials
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